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How to use our Services from the USA


Get your Delivery address and Customer Code via email, and send us your Purchases like this:


Your Name Surname

Your Registration Code

2020 NW 129th Ave. Ste. 201

Miami, FL 33182


Make your Pick-up requests through our website with your On-Line access or write to us by email:


You get an Automatic Alert when your purchases are received in our Miami warehouse


You can see your Items received via the website with your On-Line access


Send us your shipping instructions to the email:



  • Warehouse Receipts do you wish to ship

  • Description of Cargo

  • Any other instruction

You can create your own shipping instructions from our website with your On-Line access


Air Shipping with Weekly Departures, on Fridays


Delivery time of 4-6 days in Caracas, Maracay, Valencia



Ocean Shipping with Biweekly Departures, on Fridays


Maximum reception on Thursdays AM


Delivery time 3-4 weeks in Caracas, Maracay, Valencia


Make the payment before the shipment of the merchandise


Receive your items in the comfort of your home or office in record time and with fair prices


Trace your shipments through our website with your On-Line access

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