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Conditions and Restrictions Courier Colombia



You cannot send more than six (6) units of the same item / class, regardless of their color, size or reference.


The value of your shipment cannot exceed USD $ 2,000.


The weight cannot exceed 110 Lb or 50 Kg.


The sum of all its measurements cannot exceed 118 ″ or 3 m. or that one of its sides exceeds 59 ″ or 1.50 m.


That it does not include publications that violate morality and/or good customs, narcotics, unauthorized drugs or merchandise whose importation is prohibited.


That it does not include merchandise on which there are legal or administrative restrictions for its importation.




Dangerous, flammable, corrosive cargo, aerosols, radioactive, weapons of any kind, clothing or articles for official or military use, videos or pornographic literature, food, live or dead animals, safety articles, organic, medical, liquor and others waste that are consider by the airport, police and / or customs authority.


Jewelry, fine stones, precious metals, coins, securities, credit / debit cards, cash, items considered historical or cultural heritage, Antiques, works of art, artistic objects.

Hallucinogens or any other type of prohibited substances.


Only one (1) Cellphone can be imported per Shipper and Consignee per Shipment (Air Waybills)

The Cell Phone must be identified with the Tariff Item 8517.12.00.00

If the cost of the Telephone is less than 22 UVT (approx. COP 700,000), the shipment is exempt from Tariff and VAT - it does not pay taxes

If the cost of the phone is greater than 22 UVT, the shipment is subject to the payment of VAT (19% of the CIF value)

The IMEI number of the phone must be declared in the air waybill, the Commercial Invoice must be attached

It is not allowed to send other items with the Cell phone, it must travel in as an individual shipment




All the content of your shipment without exception must be declared, information cannot be omitted since it would be grounds for seizure of your cargo by the DIAN Article 232 Decree 2685 of 1999.


The shipment of TV and/or Monitors is under the responsibility and written authorization of the client, PressEx Logistics and its insurance company are not responsible for physical damage that may be experienced in international transport.

The consolidation of packages must comply with the restrictions of weight, quantity, declared value and authorized measures for Courier shipments.




The importation of goods subject to urgent shipments or deliveries whose value does not exceed USD $ 200 will not be subject to the payment of the duties and/or VAT.

In case of exceeding USD $ 200, you must pay the entire Customs Tax (10% Tariff and 19% VAT on the CIF value).




Consignment in Banco de Occidente / Bancolombia


Credit card


Payments in USA


Consignment in JP Morgan Chase


Credit card






After notification of the readjustment to the client and in order to finalize the import process of their shipment according to the Colombian Customs Statute (Decree 2685 of 1999) for VAT and Tariff, said value must be paid within the same month that gave rise to the re adjustment.


After the first date has expired, you will have 30 additional days to legalize your shipment by paying an additional 15% for the redemption of the merchandise, in addition to the storage costs that have been caused (article 231 decree 2685 of 1999).


Once the terms established in the Law have elapsed, without the merchandise having been legalized, it will be processed as abandonment and the DIAN will be able to dispose of it because it is owned by the Nation.




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Daily flights from the United States (Miami) to Colombia (Bogotá).


Next Day service 24 hours to Bogotá and 48 Hours to main cities


Second Day service 48 hours to Bogotá and 72 hours to main cities


Regular Courier Service from 4 to 6 business days




Interday flights from Bogota to Miami


24-48 Hour Courier Service to Miami


Courier services of 72 - 96 hours main cities USA

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